Cultural classrooms

he University of Castilla-La Mancha has specific spaces dedicated to nurturing culture in Albacete, Ciudad Real and Cuenca. The university community of the Albacete campus has a Meeting Point for this purpose, a space located in the Benjamin Palencia building which has become a driving force for culture and play in the city.

Both Ciudad Real and Cuenca have Open University Cultural Classrooms (ACUA) both installed in their respective urban areas in order to also attract an audience from outside the university.

The Ciudad Real Open University Cultural Classroom, centrally located in Calle Libertad, is a multipurpose space which houses artistic, cultural and scientific initiatives which promotes the dynamization of culture.

Another one is with the Cuenca ACUA, which is in the heart of the old quarter and is equipped with two rooms which have been used as platform for such interesting initiatives as the Openphoto or Titiricuenca.